Pamela Reynolds


Happy ?

What does it mean to be happy? If you asked a million people their answers would likely be different. Happy means to be pleased joyful cheerful blissful exultant ecstatic delighted and content.

Rippling Affect Of Stress

Threatened Egos

I find myself doing the same things and using the same tactics. No matter how good someone has been to me if they start irritating me or upsetting me I turn away from them and sometimes cut them off. I must truly admit that down the road I am sorry that it happened and I wish I could rethink my original thought and plan.

Stop Talk And Listen

Stop Talk And Listen

Most of us send quick notes through text messaging or e-mails. We leave out the flowery words and view them as just fillers. Never do we imagine those fillers are the emotional responses we don’t appear to use anymore.