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One cool autumn day a young girl watched a drama unfold before her eyes. Because of her intervention, a lifelong friendship and love developed. This love went beyond life and death. Lives were changed and barriers crossed. A respect for and communal with all living creatures were lessons learned outside of school. Stimpy was a cat who will never be forgotten by his owner, Emily. After reading about his life and escapades, readers will not easily forget this heroic, lovable, mischievous, independent, friendly and loyal cat. Based on real accounts of his life, it will open the readers’ eyes to the real truth about cats. You will never look at an animal in the same way again

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The Princess and The Queen

The    exciting    new    book,    The    Princess    and    The Queen   explores   the   huge   but   ignored   problems   in the     mother-in-law     daughter-in-law     relationship which   plays   havoc   within   the   family.   It   is   possible to improve the relationship. The   information   in   the   book   uncovers   the   hidden secrets   behind   this   relationship   with   over   25   years of   investigations   discussions   and   surveys.   This   is   a must   read   not   only   for   brides,   mothers-in-law   and bridal    party    but    also    for    married    women    of    all ages

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