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Discipline Only Requires Love And Time

“Don’t demand respect as a parent. Demand civility, and insist on honesty. But respect is something you must earn with kids as well aswith adults.” William Attwood

“Good discipline requires time. When we have no time to give our children, or no time we are willing to give, we don’t even observe them closely enough to become aware of their need for our disciplinary assistance, is expressed subtly.” M. Scott Peck

Discipline is not what anybody enjoys doing. A boss would rather compliment a worker than have to explain the things that are wrong with the work. When it comes to raising a family, it is key to positive growth and maturity. There is so much talk and most tactics can appear to be either overwhelming or so intricate that one must consult a rule book.

All kids mess up. As a parent it is hard to set the guidelines for children. Not all children are of the same manner and not all the same ploys work for the individual child. The only method I found that works for all of the kids is love. It probably sounds silly but after explaining my thoughts, and attempting it, you might find  the benefits of it. Sometimes our hard work is only seen in the finished product, which takes years to accomplish, when we are talking about raising children. Continue reading