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End Envy; See Beyond The Appearance

“Jealousy is the art of counting someone else’s blessings instead of your own.” Albert Einstein

“Sometimes I think we torture ourselves by desiring what others have. This includes money jobs fame fortune power prestige personality etc. It is difficult to refrain from getting caught up in the mirage. Once our mind is traveling along the jealousy path, it is almost impossible to stop. We all do it at different times. I think that is why we feel those twinges of jealousy that we hate to bear.” Albert Einstein

Most of us admit we would  not want to change places with others. Yet we continue to desire what others have, and sometimes believe that what we have is far less. It can give us an empty sensation, or a fearful moment. We believe we will never get to the point in our lives, that we assume another has already reached. Maybe we won’t reach that pinnacle, and perhaps we were never meant to reach it. Attaining that achievement may have done us more harm than good, but we don’t accept that understanding. We need to believe we have our own mountains to climb.

To me, jealousy is not always the way it appears. Envy surfaces when we are disappointed in ourselves. We choose to believe we have not measured up to our potential. Upon observing others, who emerge with  quite a few accomplishments, our own fall short. Our envy is then based on anger and disgust at ourselves, more than our desire to knock another down. Understanding the root cause of jealousy helps us to applaud our own goodness and capability. Continue reading