“We picture love as heart-shaped because we do not know the shape of the soul.” Robert Brault

“Inner beauty to, needs to be told occasionally that it is beautiful.” Robert Brault

We all like to look our best and exhibit the perfect picture to the world. I believe most of us compete with each other even if we don’t want to admit it or face the truth about ourselves. Just take a view of Christmas cards, Facebook, lawns, yards and clothes. There are many more items to speak of but the list is too large to completely consider. I have heard many people say they don’t read all of their mail nor all that is on Facebook because it makes them feel depressed.It gets discouraging to me at times to see all the awesome things others are doing and I at times don’t have the energy to fulfill my obligations for the day. One thing I question is why people take the time to write when they are obviously having a wonderful time doing whatever it is they are doing at wherever the place. I think I would be too busy enjoying the sun or the conversation to worry about documenting for others to read. Maybe I just don’t understand the reasons behind all the commotion and writing.

As I reflect, I don’t find that all the tumultuous happenings spur me into wanting to aspire to the things being displayed. I tend to think about all those who work hard to make ends meet. They are too busy to either be complaining or bragging. I don’t mean all people are bragging on Facebook or Christmas cards. I venture to say they have a need to share. I do hope they have people in their lives to talk with face to face. I sometimes fear we will lose that luxury of actually facing the people we are talking with. So much is done on line that we  hardly even use phones for speech as much as we text.

I must defend the fact I am not against technology in any way. I am against losing our humanity. If I get myself caught up in the technology, I find it gives me little time to reflect, which I love to do, and speak with those in my circle at the moment. I am in awe at how people manage to go so many places, do so many things, and then put it out to the general public all in one day. I am not that technology savvy.

When I am with family, friends or acquaintances, I hate  when they are texting. They are aware of my feelings and simply dip their cells under the table and busily text. Most experienced people can talk on cell phones and walk and perform tasks inside and outside. I for one am one of those individuals who must sit down and concentrate on the conversation. Once I got the courage to walk down the street while on the phone and I fell off of the sidewalk when I got to the end. Let me add I didn’t try it again. I like to give my presence and attention to the one thing I am focused on at the moment.

I am not saying it is better it is just the way I do it. There are times when the group of people I am with miss the conversation due to quietly texting. They are unobtrusive but never seem to worry about what they missed while on their phones. Others slip into other rooms and text or make phone calls. I decided for myself that the real problem I have with it is the less intuitive awareness  that is given to those people within reach. Phone calls, e-mails etc. are all great but lack the human quality. It explains  why we cry when we see someone we are familiar with.

Living our lives within the bounds of technology is okay but we can’t relinquish our humanness in the process. We used to send a card to someone because we wanted to make contact. Of course with increased friendships with our increased ability to know more people, it became almost impossible to send out so many good wishes to so many people. That is when the duplicated letter came about. It is sometimes like reading a book. I appreciate being on that person’s list but I value the person who sends me even the quick personal note. i feel more connected somehow and loved.

My take on this might be totally wrong but when we are one on one with others, we can change their hearts and reach their minds. They of course can do likewise. I can’t see that as a possibility when we speak cryptically through devices. Again I am not against these devices but they are almost an adult binky. They are never left home and rarely turned off. It can appear that no one has anybody’s full attention at any given time.

By being pressured to post on boards or cards we deny our real thoughts and genuine feelings. We appear to be more on display being actors and actresses. Many of these same people have little to say in person yet reveal a lot on the computer. I am not sure if we are competing or trying to best another. I ponder this. For those who don’t get involved and believe they are dull people I might differ with that opinion. You may not desire or need to have that attention.

It is okay to be quiet or to hold your privacy closer than most do. There  isn’t anything wrong with wanting the human voice and touch in attachments of any kind. You are not odd. You have your own distinctive way of viewing and maneuvering in the world of technology. I wonder if in the future we will find groups of people attempting to get back the humanity we are so easily giving up.

The time factor alone is overwhelming. I admit others might say my opinions are due to the fact that I can’t accomplish what they do on any given day. I agree with the fact I can’t do what they do. I am all for forward thinking as long as it doesn’t prevent humane thinking from becoming extinct.

 “I fear the day when technology will surpass our human interaction.” Albert Einstein

“It’s become appallingly clear that technology has surpassed our humanity.” Albert Einstein

“In the end there doesn’t have to be anyone who understands you. There just has to be someone who wants to.”  Robert Brault

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” Albert Einstein

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