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Balance Your Living By Giving

 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  Winston Churchill

 Day after day we toil and sweat to do   the things we must in the time given. At the end of the day we lie back in bed and think of how much we did not get accomplished and how poorly we did the things that did get finished.

We grade ourselves so poorly that it is a wonder we attempt to work on anything the next day. I think we forget about the small nameless acts of kindness we perform randomly on a given day. The friend who needs a listening ear, the family member who calls for aid, The neighbor whose car broke  down, the friend who requested company while doing a difficult task, the donuts and coffee we picked up for our co-workers and the mail we dropped off to a sick friend.

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Escape to Your Happy Place

Has anyone discovered how fast our energy depletes when we are around negative thinking people?

At times, we may give freely of our advice and listening ear but sometimes we deplete our own resources. We are not always aware of how easily they take our energy. Likewise, we can deplete our own energy when we spend so much time reflecting on the hurts and insults we received throughout the day. In order to release these harmful thoughts, we must review the positive remarks others have sent our way and drop the negative emotions tied to any words or actions sent our way. Continue reading