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Take The Positive Approach

“No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an enchanted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.” Helen Keller

Was the meeting expressive or repressive? We survived it. It would be nice if we could say we enjoyed it and I am now convinced I can say it I do enjoy the gatherings. I focus on my attitude and not the attitude of others. If someone tries to draw me into a controversial discussion I do not take the bait. Sometimes people are just in a bad mood so I keep my distance until it is safe. Did you ever notice as I have that when I am in a bad mood I tend to take it out on the same person. It seems to happen that some person is most likely the recipient of our anger if they are nearby. Of course if they are not it leaves us with finding another.

It proves to me that lots of times my anger might be unjustified and the result of my own mood. I am beginning to feel guilty already. if I upset others  it results in a domino effect. It makes me think beyond my decision and concludes with a more positive result. To think how many times I have caused my own terrible  experiences makes me want to reprimand myself. Continue reading

Power Is The Ability To See All Sides

power is“Thus each person by his fears, gives wings to rumor and without any real source of apprehension, men fear what they themselves have imagined.” Lucan

The trouble with relationships is we hide so much of our feelings. That is really not good. the relationships are not real if we pretend all is well when we are not believing it to be true. if you are unhappy, you need to honestly state your opinion. If after both of you support and share your own argument and it does not change each other’s frame of mind then admit a stalemate hang on to your thoughts and move forward.

In the future it is possible that either of you might change your minds but in the meantime accept compromise and respect of each other by agreeing to disagree. When each of us can accept our differences and still be friends then we have acquired a genuine friendship and love. This is far better than to imagine we are on the same page at all times when it isn’t the truth. We really would never be expected to see all things in the same way. Continue reading

Arrogance Always Succumbs to Humility

“The one-a-day vitamin for the soul is helping another person.” Stephen Post

The other day someone asked me about my definition of humility. That was tough. I thought and thought for days and kept trying to come up with something that made sense to me. I know what it isn’t but it is hard to describe what it is. When you get a compliment don’t say I never really do look this good, or this dress has been hanging in my closet for twenty years. That is not humility as some of us might think. It almost seems the opposite. Continue reading

Is Technology Destroying Our Humanity ?

“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.” Oscar Wilde

At one time children were taught to use various modes of speech in any given circumstance. When in the presence of parents, they might use one form while at school another form. When outside with friends, children could break down the barriers and say just about whatever they wanted. The formal speech was used for those in authority, while the respectful courtesy speech might be used with strangers. Today we have no filters used for anyone at any place or situation we find ourselves in. The result is an insensitivity regarding our fellow human beings. It has also resulted in fostering anger, frustration aggression and hurt feelings which diminish self-esteem. Quick replies via technology of all sorts are the current mode of speech. How technology is destroying humanity should be contemplated. It is time for us to control technology rather than technology controlling us. Continue reading