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“Endless love is fueled by endless friendship. If you want to have the greatest romance ever, have the greatest friendship ever. Cultivate it; do not let your friendship die. Remember, it’s not a lack of love that destroys relationships; it’s usually a lack of friendship.” – Steve Maraboli

“The aim [of education] must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, see in the service to the community their highest life problem.”    —Albert Einstein

I have been thinking a lot about this subject of distancing my thoughts because I believe I do it in many ways. I am not sure about where I am going, or what I am doing, so I sort of get busy doing nothing. I call it nothing when it is basically busy or amusing stuff like TV, social media, text etc. Whatever keeps us distracted and amused, and allows us to escape from dealing with our thoughts about any subject, is a source of distancing ideas. Thinking and reflecting become non-existent for at least a little while.

For the longest time I never realized how I was doing this  or why. Now I feel guilty, because I have concluded that I am guilty of ignoring what I should be doing in place of wasting my time. I am not saying social  media has no merit, but most people overdo it regularly. We can’t seem to stop it or control it. I question why people in general have trouble  with parameters.Most wonderful things begin with pride and honor, but they immediately deteriorate into wrongdoings. Welfare began as something awesome for those who needed it, and then the downfall erupted, when people abused it. The same goes for just about every cause even in benefits, for injured people, or sick  people. Others involved in the undertaking, start draining the money on the secretive side. They ruin many good causes, and leave most people in doubt about giving to foundations altogether.

For many years now my husband I have ignored the Bishop’s appeal because we felt the money was going to defend priests who had abused kids. Anyone can get jaded with horrible result, from wrongdoings.  It is amazing, how good one gets at abusing the system. These people that commit such crimes are capable and bright. I just wish they used their talents for something more commendable. Sometimes it gets others wondering what they should do to aid humanity. Nobody wants to believe their good work is for naught.

I can recall numerous men and women who quit volunteering because they came to the opinion no one cared. People in charge hardly knew they showed up or didn’t show up, and the people receiving the aid, many times ignored the support. Most of us think of other ways to spend our time and money. Who is the loser in such incidences? I think we all are. Those giving the aid feel good about helping and are jaded with the results, when their efforts go awry. i appreciate the fact that many  acts of kindness are done without expecting thanks. People still may be left confused and in doubt about volunteering. Now we have lost a legitimate workforce of virtuous people.

One must question the motives of those who abuse others, when they attain the position of power. Who would see that step coming? Most of us are thinking what a great job they are doing, until the truth is uncovered. No wonder so many good kind people are in disarray about how they can help or serve others. It is confusing. We don’t want to doubt everyone, but the trust issue arises and with due cause.

That is when we turn to our own technical devices to suck up our time and energy. Our minds are busy with, nonsense, most of our free time. There are far more  honorable things we could all be doing. I am to blame along with everyone else. Television is another item that absorbs our energy and time. Many times the show didn’t even entrust us with positive thoughts, or worthwhile ideas, to think about. Most shows assign us downtrodden paths, and shower us with more anxiety and doubt.

When people point out the negatives in the world, we can and do become overwhelmed. It becomes difficult to find, or to believe there are more positive actions taking place. We have to trust in humanity, and in our ability, to make a difference in this world. We can be the beginning of something good. We just need to tear away  from our gadgets, and do more soul searching or reflecting. Every day we make choices. Contemplate the choices you make.

Kids need so much time and energy, yet we turn them over to possibly harmful devices. Many of us are present physically, but mentally we are busy with our own devices. It might be more worthwhile to share a picnic lunch with our child, and simply talk to them, rather than  take them to ostentatious places. Kids are kids. Their requirements from us are time and love. We all have that to share with them. The excuse, I don’t have the money, never works. We all have love and time to share.

Really I know it isn’t always easy, and many of us consider the devices as useful tools for our own down time. I believe that if we attempted some simple pleasures with our kids, we might discover that they were the answer to all of the craziness in our lives. We relax, make progress with the connection to our kids, and are enlightened about what life means. Those without kids may come to understand themselves better, with more thought and contemplation. We can’t run away from our thoughts, and we can’t fear thinking about them.

Searching for ways to aid others will always be a human task. As long as we have suffering in the world, there  will be those  who stand up to make a difference. That is commendable. It is sad to think so many are confused today about their  place in a mixed up world. We enjoy satisfaction for a job well done. We search for meaning and are lost when we cannot find any. There is meaning to be found in our lives. But it is necessary to observe a closer and deeper look. We must take time to contemplate. We need to put the devices down. They are controlling items and habit forming. They are the least of what is important about us and our lives.

Your mind will clear when it is solidly focused on the present moment in time. It is like stepping out of the TV set, waking up, and living your life for real. We all are thinking individuals yet we are giving our thoughts to others to control. It is time we took control of our own living. Begin with the small things like your spouse and family. As time proceeds, you will discover many options that come your way. These of course are your choices.

Disregard selfishness, and trust in the value of others. It is simple but not always easy to do. When I fail I pick myself up and begin where I left off. I don’t beat myself up and go back to start. With so many advances in our technology, it is now time to advance our souls.

“People like you and I, though mortal of course, like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live. What I mean is that we never cease to stand like curious children before the great Mystery into which we were born.”—Albert Einstein

“The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self.”    Albert Einstein

“The most important endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity for life.”    Albert Einstein


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