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Assumptions Confidence
Pamela Reynolds - Author & Blogger

 A Stray Cat That Changed Our Family and Taught Us Many Lessons about Life and the Meaning of Family and Caring

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The Princess and The Queen

Grudges is a nasty word to begin a post but if we are hoping to let the grudge go then it is a post full of hope. pocket. In a way I am proud of them because it denotes suffering and endured pain.  have put up with such situations

Have you ever had a disagreement with a friend and felt the defensive egos rising to the surface? We fault the other person for the majority of the encounter?

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Stop the Drama and Live Happily Ever After

Discover the Hidden Secrets in the

Mother-in-law Daughter-in-law Relationship


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Themes include: MIL’s fear of the loss of son and grandchildren as well as control. This manifests in interference. Daughters-in-law fear losing their independence as well as their mother-in-law’s interference. There are so many hidden factors which each woman keeps hidden.

The secrets are revealed allowing the women to kick the elephant out of the room, appreciate each other, and communicate openly. Contemplating marriage or married any number of years, this book entertains enlightens and is a great Wedding, Shower or Mothers’ Day gift.

Pam discussed and surveyed women for over 20 years. She began her research as a daughter-in-law and finished as a mother-in-law. Her insights about gaining and maintaining positive relationships are based on this research. It is the basis for her book.

The Princess and The Queen

Book Available February 2017


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