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“Stop allowing other people  to dilute or poison your day with their words or opinions. Stand strong in the truth of your beauty and journey through your day without attachment to the validation of others.”    Dr. Steve Maraboli

How often do we feel pride about something we did that we never thought we could ever do? It inflates our ego and builds our self-esteem. It is a great feeling and stays with us for a long time. If only we could keep that moment alive forever in our lives and hearts. Then a little bit of doubt creeps in that just maybe we have reached our limit and accomplished as much as we could. We tend to sit back and live in the past because we have no faith in our future.

If we did it once or even twice we can keep doing it. It takes some motivation and a belief in ourselves. We must keep doubt away along with the naysayers. Sometimes the doubt and negative people inspire us to give up or face the reality that we are not competent  enough to excel further. The ones who do advance further are the people who have no idea what their limitations are. Blindly they march forward with their plans and never stop to listen to those who would slow them down.How fantastic it would be if we could dream and make plans and then push hard to bring them to fruition. It really is possible for any of us to do this. No kidding, most times we wilt and drop away because of what others say. I hate it when someone says to me “They say,” I always question who “they” are. It is as if there is a private elite group of people who have all the answers and tell us what we can or can’t do. If we accept limits then we won’t go beyond the norm.

Even our moods and sanity are in jeopardy when people step in and mess up our thoughts and actions. Some even begin arguments where there were none. I know of friends who retell a story by leaving out details or adding in a few of their own. the next friend is calling and complaining about what was said and why it was said. As I begin to explain I get confused with the exact order in the retelling and that is when the questions begin. How awful it is to attempt to explain anything to an angry person. You  are already sixty to seventy percent behind.

I’m definitely not down on friends but I have to admit there are times when they mess things up royally and cause many others a lot of anger. Then everyone has to approve because we don’t want any guilt about the cost, reason, need or want of the object. Here is where our friends can make or break us according to their mood. At what point do we take responsibility for us. Our life would run so much smoother if we did.

Maybe friends and other people are choosing according to their thoughts for the day.  We are obviously not thinking at all. In return we pick for our friend by the desires we have and our attitude. We don’t worry about what might be good for our friends. We might want hem to drink with us and so we disregard any thoughts about how our friend will drive  home safely. How  easily we can control  another yet they reciprocate and instruct us in the way we should proceed.

Maturity begins when we can trust us to make decisions according to our own thinking and our own deductions. It might be great to have other people’s  input but ib the end we have to choose for us. Fear must be under arrest and reflection and intuition be our guide. There are so many choices in life. Consulting experts in certain areas may be  worthwhile but our own reasoning should play a role in our decisions. All of us make mistakes.

It also behooves us to watch for gossip that travels so far and wide the message is changed by the time it gets back to us. I do not like having to explain what I didn’t mean or what I never said. Confusion in the message makes it almost impossible to retrieve all of the twists to the truth. I sometimes wonder if less talk is better. I know one must be clear and concise in their statements. We cannot falter in our motives because that is when others jump on our hesitancy and compound an existing problem. Remember how capable you are. If you are having a bad day wait for another day before making a decision or before altering a decision on advice from another. The influence is often more powerful than the actual advice.

You are the one placing everything on the line because it is your life. Trust yourself. In our own hearts and minds we understand what is important to us. ‘always attempt even what is out of reach. You just may reach it. If you don’t you still had the courage to make the attempt and your reach was beyond what it was before you tried. It also gives you the power to keep challenging yourself. The result is a stronger you and a person who has faith the themselves.



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