Arrogance Always Succumbs to Humility

“The one-a-day vitamin for the soul is helping another person.” Stephen Post

The other day someone asked me about my definition of humility. That was tough. I thought and thought for days and kept trying to come up with something that made sense to me. I know what it isn’t but it is hard to describe what it is. When you get a compliment don’t say I never really do look this good, or this dress has been hanging in my closet for twenty years. That is not humility as some of us might think. It almost seems the opposite.A simple thank you is enough. At times people really do mean it and other times they want to be nice so either way it is a complement. Humility is not taking the last piece or end piece or constantly letting others take the best chair or place. That is portraying more of a martyr type of individual. People notice martyrs but they don’t notice someone who is humble. I had the notion a humble person was a wilting flower. To the contrary I discovered a person of humility has learned to let go be themselves having a quiet confidence and understanding that in the end winning and losing doesn’t count. Life is truly simple when we peel all of the layers back. Life is about lessons of the heart. When we are not forgiven we learn how important forgiveness is.

When we have felt inferior we learn the importance or respecting everyone’s individuality. We are basically on the road to humility. In life there are never any winners, losers, superiors or inferiors. We can feel that way ourselves or allow others to make us feel that way. Taking control of ourselves and our own lives is about confidence and humility. We are safe in the knowledge that we are learning with the heart and open to the vibrational feelings of others and ourselves. At that point we come to terms with everyone’s feelings of inadequacy.

Humility is a step above those feelings because when you are humble you are flaunting respect for everyone’s journey and are willing to boost all that you can along the way as well as accepting of the help from others. That is my take of humility. The will to trek towards a greater awareness beyond what we see.

“Today see if you can stretch your heart and expand your love so that it touches not only those to whom you can give it easily but also to those who need it so much.” Daphne Rose Kingma

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