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Are you looking for truth in everyday experiences? Break through your fear, stress and anger. You have the power to find amazing clarity and insight, while facing your daily dilemmas. Establish a life of purpose with practical and clear inspiration, and experience life-changing transformation. Confront habits of defense, and identify alternate ways of relating to others. Improve confidence while powering the courage to face the challenges of living. Use the techniques and knowledge within the book, to integrate insight and emotions. Discovering hope and faith within creates harmony with others.  Evolve your mind to a higher level by creating positive changes that transform your life for the better. Find and live with purpose.


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Tumbleweed_kids5 2013Are we tossing kids out with the garbage after the divorce? 
My 3rd book published “TUMBLEWEED KIDS”  I have been teaching for many years. Being a teacher for many years put me on the front lines in observing the mistreatment of children.
The over 40 true heart wrenching stories tell the kids side of the story. The stories tug at the heart while providing examples of the effect parents have on their children. 
During a conference the parents told me they did not know why their son was not focused. I thought to myself maybe it is because each of you recently had a baby with another person.

“Tumbleweed Kids” is helpful to parents and anyone working with children. It is not as instructive as it is an explanation told on a deeper emotional level, the burdens we unconsciously place on children. Parents need to love their child unconditionally and aid their child into becoming aware of this unconditional love. 

Topics of divorce, bullying, drugs, alcohol and jail are a few of the subjects studied. I would love to possibly be considered to speak at a conference adding the kid’s side to divorce. I thank you. I have a dual certification in special education and elementary education. Stopping some harmful choices we make is the goal of “Tumbleweed Kids”.


Motherinlaw Cover An insightful, thought provoking and entertaining book about the ongoing struggle between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law as they strive to foster a harmonious relationship for the benefit of their son/spouse. It invites female readers to think critically about the importance of the dynamic between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law as well as to take a proactive approach to this relationship.

The book offers interesting vignettes and brainstorming discussions to enrich the debate and promote communication. At the end of each chapter, questions are provided to guide the reader to reflect on their own relationships in order to broaden understanding and promote communication. The book highlights such issues as power struggles, gift giving, grand parenting, holidays, time commitments, obligations, jealousy, insecurity, and more. A must read for anyone married or soon-to-be married, as well as anyone who has a married child.


Stimpikins Cover A Stray Cat that Changed Our Family and Taught Us Many Lessons about Life and the Meaning of Family and Caring.

One cool autumn day a young girl watched a drama unfold before her eyes. Because of her intervention a lifelong friendship and love developed. This love went beyond life and death. Lives were changed and barriers crossed. A respect for and communal with all living creatures were lessons learned outside of school.

 Stimpy was a cat who will never be forgotten by his owner Emily. After reading about his life and escapades, readers will not easily forget this heroic, lovable, mischievous, independent, friendly and loyal cat.

Based on real accounts of his life it will open the readers’ eyes to the real truth about cats. You will never look at an animal in the same way again.





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