Freedom Of Thought

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“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” Albert Einstein

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”    Albert Einstein

How do we begin to evaluate our thoughts when we are never alone. Even during bathroom time one can be using social media devices. I for one am beginning  to think it is so rude to place this first even in the presence of live people. I can’t say I am jealous of a device yet I know the gadget gets priority at all times. I know it is used continually except during sleep and it is kept in a prominent position and available for use immediately.

I cannot compete with the mechanism and don’t attempt to do it anyways. The device gives immediate satisfaction, entertainment friendship knowledge answers to all questions and connections to places people and things. No wonder it is so respected wanted and taken care of. I on the other hand complain, take my time, have to reflect on questions and don’t at times entertain well.

Although exaggerating a bit the truth is we leave ourselves no time to contemplate anything. If we have a free moment the TV goes on, the messages are checked, a quick text is made and plans are sent out to friends. So much is accomplished so that we gain more “FREE TIME”. The issue is we fill our free time with the use of more technology devices. We haven’t acquired more of anything but less mind activation. We have more “friends” because we can handle more modern-day friendships than ever before.

I am not sure if anyone else sees this or even cares. I tend to believe it is nice to watch the trees blow in the wind and listen to bird sounds as well as insects and beach waves. I like hearing the sound of coyotes around the neighborhood except not up close and personal. I like to think over my days accomplishments, downfalls, hurts and happy moments.

I observe those with the latest technology having it in use  until the moment they close their eyes. I truly question their ability or want to have time alone with their thoughts. Maybe they are afraid to be alone and anxious about reflecting on their day. It might also have to do with stress issues. If one has a lot of stress at home or work they choose to lose themselves within their technology devices.

How awful one must feel if they are not as techno savvy. They see the world as it is instead of on a little screen with colors and wonders galore. The I-Pads and phones can’t bring the smells and odors to the devices but maybe some day who knows. They also don’t have real voices explaining anything. They are cold straightforward and unemotional which is kind of like what some of us are becoming. I don’t say this lightly because it appears we are becoming addicted to machines.

At one time home electrical  appliances were suppose to give people more time but instead  people just thought of more cleaning things they needed to accomplish. Nobody saved themselves any time they just added more jobs to their list. I kind of feel like that now. We just keep adding more onto our plate and those times of refuge that they talk about that are supposed to be given are not available to anyone. If we don’t use the technology to learn we use it for past time games etc. Think about the word past time. Are we just passing our time away? Are we wasting precious time in the process.

The people who used to sit on porches years ago and talk were perhaps more involved with each other than we are today. we have more answers to questions available but no live person to share the meaning of a falling star. Have we given up our creative thinking and power of reason and deduction to quick and accurate answers. Probably we would not notice what was happening in front of us being too busy being told where to go and what to do next.

Most likely I am exaggerating and I certainly hope that I am because I see young couples engaged with their own devices without a look or thought or word towards their partner. I just feel so sad and empathetic towards their blindness to the situation. Although you might be reading this post with the use of technology, I will still venture to say there is a time and place for everything. We must alter our behaviors and set some guidelines on our tools of the trade. Unless we stop wanton tech use we will alleviate the need for thinking and caring.

When it all comes crashing down on us we may find the time then to contemplate what happened. It might be a good idea to attempt some soulful reflection on how we are being consumed with mechanisms. If we fear our thoughts or are afraid to face the truth about our actions we had better build up the courage to reflect. our mind is the greatest computer of all and it isn’t programmed nor set in its ways. It evaluates and actually changes its mind about things. it reasons exhibits empathy and compassion and most importantly love for others.

I am keeping my mind and sanity as well as my love intact by controlling my computer. I would rather be the one controlling the devices rather than the one being controlled by them. Hopefully if you were asked who or what would you miss the most and not want to live without you would choose people and not devices.

“Man has become a superman … because he not only disposes of innate, physical forces, but because he is in command … of latent forces in nature and because he can put them to his service…. But the essential fact we must surely all feel in our hearts … is that we are becoming inhuman in proportion as we become supermen.”     Albert Schweitzer

“I Fear the Day That Technology Will Surpass Our Human Interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein


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