Intimidation Is Rampant

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“…As we release the things that weigh heavy on our hearts, that block our connection to love, we allow ourselves to blossom with the fullness that our Soul always intended”

”When you radiate love, you create a filter allowing love to come and go with ease…Anonymous

“Thoughts are like an open ocean, they can either move you forward within its waves, or sink you under deep into its abyss”    Anonymous

I was quite surprised to hear an admonishing remark from the secretary at the doctors office. I had to schedule an appointment with this new doctor and because I wasn’t quick explaining what I wanted, I was curtly told, “You should have said that in the first place.” I must admit I was a little embarrassed, taken aback, and speechless regarding a response.

I was surprised at the condescending attitude, and wondered how impatient this person was. It wasn’t the first time I had experienced such an admonishment, but I recalled how many people release their frustration on others. Does anyone else believe nasty attitudes have been on the rise?I feel sorry for this person and others, who have run out of patience and kindness, so early in the day. She might have come to my aid, in explaining my next steps, however I decided to search out the answers, via another source. There was an opportunity for this person to help someone, and she ignored  the opportunity,

So many people experience worse on a daily basis. In Boston recently I used the subway, and apparently my card money was almost gone. The person taking the toll money, practically threw me off of the train with a wave of her hand, and an implication that I was holding everyone up. I hurried off, and again was sorry for any harm I had done to others. I wasn’t familiar with the system and assumed I had placed enough money on my card.

I wondered how these people cope with themselves, because they are so harsh. I thought how easily they would make others crawl into a shell and hide. No wonder confidence is lacking. If anyone had to tolerate a constant barrage of impudent insults, regularly, I would think there confidence was already packed and on the plane.

Isn’t it easy to speak kindly to someone in the wrong? A simple “you can put money on your card over there.” Those instructions would suffice. As to the receptionist, she might say, “I understand what you are looking for, just let me look it up for you.” How hard is it to be considerate? It seems easier to do that, than to think of mean words to express. As I said before, I pity them and their families, who must suffer duress under their dictation.

Clerks at times are not much better, and sometimes you get the feeling you have bothered them. Are we all so stressed out as people, that we have depleted our inner compassion? Is kindness obsolete? How do we get it back, is the best question looking for an answer.

I was reminded of the plight of an elderly person, attempting to navigate a brutal world, lacking compassion. No matter the age, no one likes to be insulted. Maybe we all  need a break from the expectations of life. If we are becoming so cynical, it is time to review the issues causing our ill behavior. I truly have faith in humanity. I believe the majority of us want to help and please each other, but at times believe it is futile. If we feel overworked and overwhelmed with the burdens of life in general, it gives us no charity left over.

How we regain our kindheartedness, might be for us to realize, how many people in the world need us and our benevolence. If we understood how much it meant to people in general, it might empower us to regain our empathy towards other people. If we have to deal with various people, regardless of our wants, then it is just as simple to be compassionate.

It might be important to remember, that every kind act is actually paid forward. When someone alleviates a problem for another, that person is relieved of fear and worry, and full of happiness. The next person they meet will be the recipient of a person with a  positive attitude. From that moment in time, the kindness is carried forward without end.

There is honesty in repaying benevolence. The next time you are insulted by anyone, remember the empty feeling, and sour attitude that built up inside of you. Recall your treatment of others immediately following such a dilemma. Then you can conclude, that our kind or mean treatment of others, is far reaching.

When I hear people comment about wanting to make a difference in the world, but not knowing how they can do it, or where they would begin, I always say, “If you treat all you meet with respect on a daily basis, You have improved humanity in ways you will never know.”

When we hear it is the little things that keep a marriage strong, or that keep any relationship alive, we can have faith in those words. It is rarely the huge enterprises that make the difference. Instead it is the small acts of thoughtfulness, we express every day, to those who need a small dose of compassion.

“Love is everywhere and in everything. How we allow our true nature of Love to surface is our choice, and we make this choice in every moment.
Ignite the flame of love within you, and follow the path of Heart. – Heart and soul matters-” Matjaz Primec

“Like a sunbeam can’t separate itself from the sun, and a wave can’t separate itself from the ocean, we can’t separate ourselves from one another.
We are all part of a vast sea of Love.”    ~ Marianne Williamson


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