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Mother of 4 Grandmother of 10

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About Pam Reynolds

Pam is an author and speaker on children issues and relationships.

She writes books about:

  • The effect parents have on their children and education.

  •  The ongoing struggle between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law as  they strive to foster a harmonious relationship for the benefit of their  son/spouse.

  •  A stray cat that changed our family and taught us many lessons about life and the meaning of family and caring.

Latest Updates

She recently completed a book, The Bullying Pandemic, with many interesting and genuine stories. The book includes my classroom experiences, memories from my childhood, and renditions from the lives of other teachers, coaches, paraprofessionals, brownie, and cub scout leaders and friends.  Childhood pain affects many of us.

The stories show the suffering people inflict on children. If the community works together to improve the living conditions of children, a positive home environment leads to happier family life. The search focuses on finding answers that support children living in unfortunate circumstances. When a community motivates to promote the interests of children, it influences everyone positively.

Pam has appeared on television, radio, and on-line programs.  She has appeared on news shows in Boston, Baltimore and Hartford and the Huffington Post online.


Pam earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master of Science degree in Education from Eastern Connecticut State University. She was a teacher and certified in special education and regular classroom instruction for grades K to three.

As a Certified Emergency Medical Technician. Pam volunteered  for 13 years on her town’s Fire Department and was a 7 year member of the Fire Department’s Board of Directors.

Pam has four grown and married children with ten grandchildren. She brings her experiences to her writing and speaking, focusing on relationships and the power of the human spirit.

My Books

crush regret
let go to hold on
Leave Your Ego at Home