Accept Love Reject Revenge

Accept Love Reject Revenge

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“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth.”  Albert Schweitzer

“Positive  thoughts open a door in our minds inviting like thoughts in. Other thoughts may attack and that is where forgiveness may help us.”   Charles Henry

So many thoughts and feelings parade through our minds and confuse our decisions, dreams and goals. Sometimes it turns our actions into inactions and we become almost immobilized. Someone’s quick remarks make us angry or hurt because it is infused with jealousy or ungratefulness. Our first idea is to lash out with insults or angry words. Of course our minds are so caught up in confusion with trying to straighten out all that we are thinking about that we miss the opportunity to say anything. upon reflection that is probably the only good thing about our situation.

I know I am as guilty as anyone regarding gratefulness. there are numerous times when I either don’t feel it when I should or I do feel it but don’t mention it to the people who need to hear it. It still practically causes  me pain when I listen to someone mention all the wonderful happenings in their lives yet have the agenda to teach a lesson or I call it hurt another individual who in the past has hurt them. To me it is like kicking someone when they are down on the ground. It is cold planned and calculated. That appears to be worse than retaliating at the moment of an injury or shortly after.I am guessing the people  who strike when someone is already at their low point might be considered passive aggressive. I just consider it mean. Many times there have been times I have wanted to “get even” so to speak. After that moment of ire when one calms down and gets back to their senses you have less of a desire to come back at someone.

Those who actually go through with reprisal at a much later date must be full of a lot of animosity and low self-esteem.It is so defeating to them when they are injured by words or actions that they must seek to even the score. They don’t anticipate what the other party might send back  in negative retribution or the fact that he hurt individual will be pained from what was done to them. Most times we sense our own pain but not the pain of others.

Needing to settle our inner self before we move forward again is essential. I believe retribution is the first thought we have in our attempt to quell our tumultuous minds. If we suspend those thoughts in the short term we have the ability to keep the revenge aspect under wraps until the  time is right to let it go for good. The long term benefits of such an undertaking outweigh a short term satisfaction. pay back is never a fruitful answer.

As difficult as it is by refraining from constant my fault your fault or accusations about who deserves what, both parties benefit. The diffusion of anger doubt and anxiety dissipates allowing us to have a more open mindset. We gain an open heart which can be  filled with more positive ideas and undertakings. Positive energy gives us happier thoughts. Happier thoughts promotes clearer thinking, combined with greater understanding and more power to abstain from acting on negativity. In the final chapter the  negative brings destruction.

When one chooses to react with fury and reprisal it is like a fire that fills us with frenzy. After the storm we are left picking up the pieces. We can look forward to receiving more rebuttals from another or we are left in disarray in regard to fixing all the broken pieces of ourselves. We are also  privy to what we have done in our mania and left with the guilty feelings. If we have thrown out more than we received we have the added guilt and worry of contrition.

We really just need to read a newspaper regarding animosity towards people we once loved or don’t love anymore. How often does one spouse injure or kill another and in remorse they might kill themselves or face prison. Although that is the extreme the requite and explosion is similar. Separating our feelings from an  altercation might be possible if we comprehend the anger and injurious hurts we are all experiencing. It takes time and effort but gets easier to observe with practice. Jealous thoughts, feelings of self-loathing, attempts to constantly come out on top and be the winner all incense us to even the score. remember that there really is no score or competition to win. there is however room for plenty to become the losers in such a situation.

No doubt we all experience those horrible hurtful moments. Some people injure out of jealousy, retribution or anger. Jealousy is sometimes the way we are viewing a situation. We might be wrong in our analysis which is too full of feeling to be totally accurate. If we are the injured party we might question our own guilt in causing pain to another. Revenge is never sweet. How can we for example hit a child because they caused us problems yet attempt to teach them to be kind to others. How can we hurt a person we love and expect they will ever return our affection again. If we commit a vengeful act knowing we are finishing a relationship can we live with the guilt of our demeaning act? Can we trust we won’t behave this way in a  similar situation?

Filling our minds with thoughts of getting even wastes good space that we need to think clearly. Fill your hearts with love. Evil thoughts are like weeds that destroy good plants. Love is like sunshine rain and soil that helps plants to grow. We have a choice at all times. Coming to an acceptance of  what we can’t change is important. Changing our vengeful spirit is something we can do.  When someone moves on from us acceptance is the answer. We can’t change others only ourselves. By destroying others we destroy ourselves.  There is always new opportunities presented to us along life’s pathways. If we fail to forgive in our hearts and seek revenge we are left with no opportunities. The choices are available to those who move forward begin again and attempt a life of positive thinking. If we don’t attempt to make this choice we will never  see what we could still become and have in our lifetimes.

Anger is never a good choice in a difficult situation. It is short term. Looking beyond our frustration and provocation allows us to see clearly that whatever the annoying situation is we can find better. Just take the leap of faith before counting your life’s choices are over. Love appears to attract more love into your life. You are worth more than you could ever imagine. Be kind to yourself, respect and love yourself first. Find another road to travel and people to love. Leave the chaos and confusion behind and fill yourself with love and gratitude.

“The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.”          Marcus Aurelius

“There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.”    Josh Billings

In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior.    Francis Bacon


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