Destroy Your Inferiority Complex

Destroy Your Inferiority Complex

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“When an individual is kept in a situation of inferiority, the fact is that he does become inferior.”    Simone de Beauvoir

“One of the processes of your life is to constantly break down that inferiority, to constantly reaffirm that I Am Somebody.” Alvin Ailey

“Confidence is a plant of slow growth.”    Herbert V. Prochnow

There are times when we all lose our confidence. Some of us have no faith in ourselves, while others sway back and forth on any given day or time. We wonder why some people manage to uphold their esteem, while others hang on to the little assurance they have. I believe we lose faith when our lives are disrupted in any way, or if our ego is tested even slightly. We may dress fashionably, fix our hair and enjoy a secure feeling. Our walk is swift, our hair blows  gently in the soft breeze, and we relish our feelings of power.

Suddenly a controversy at work, demolishes our security, and our confidence slowly slips away. I question why the slightest flaw sends us hiding. I do it myself and reproach myself later for my cowardly desertion of my confidence. It might happen when another enters our space, and dominates the atmosphere. At that point our new look loses points on our scale, and our day turns sour. We may  be filled with desires, ideas and strong work ethics, but when we are challenged our courage deserts us. Some are better at swaying people their way whether they are right or wrong. They demand respect and others have faith in them.If we only muster courage for a day, it is no wonder we lose it so fast. We don’t really have faith in ourselves, and in our courage and beliefs. It is like studying  anything. if we surface read a book, we have an idea of the book and the ideas within it. But as soon as we are questioned or challenged about something pertaining to the book, we are left speechless. We didn’t grasp enough of the ideas, to completely comprehend the information. We didn’t delve deeply enough into  the important elements, within the book. Unless we learn with understanding, we will never find the real messages within the pages.

In the same fashion, we must attempt to understand ourselves on a deeper level. We need to have confidence in ourselves, and stop believing we are inferior. If we truly don’t have faith in ourselves, then we can’t hide behind new clothes hairstyles or attitudes. Our confidence will not remain intact. I know confidence is not having all of the answers. Confidence is believing we have the capacity to cope with any situation, by giving our full attention to it, and maintaining focus and faith in ourselves.

Even when we don’t have answers, we are capable of knowing where to find solutions. We may search for those who can give us the solutions. Confidence is not being afraid to say I don’t know, but I’ll find out. Nobody has all the answers no matter how smart they are. Grasping our limits can be a confidence builder. Confidence is the ability to face the fear without faltering even when you have doubts.

You can’t  focus on what you don’t know. Respecting what you do discern, acknowledges your huge worth. There may be many who have less knowledge but they are not afraid to dive into unknown areas. Some people may not be beautiful, but they hold an attractiveness that goes beyond beauty. The question becomes, how to explain their strange magnetic charm. We can use our charisma in a positive way that builds our well-being. Focusing on our shortcomings drags us down. It prevents us from being all we can be. We waste the person we are, when we do not appreciate and respect who we are.

The loss to others is great because we stop offering what could be inspiring to others because we doubt our value. To have respect, we need to recognize our own merit. Developing our significance and appeal is slow but invaluable. Why should you feel the need to cower before others. Your  opinions are as worthy and helpful as any other input. No one should hide in the shadows. It may take you time to encourage your confidence, but it is worth your commitment. In the most unexpected ways dates and times, there are words of wisdom spoken to another, that have changed a life for the better. We all have it within us to be that person.

You may be the person with the right words. Don’t be afraid to speak and never doubt your ability. Influencing a life for the better takes empathy for others and awareness of the humanity in all of us. Be aware and be confident. You will be blessed with finding the truth hidden inside of you.  It takes courage to share this humility with others. Being who you are becomes easier, when it isn’t based on looks or attitudes. It has more to do with your convictions, and your safe haven found within yourself. Retreat and reflect on your faith and ability to share your thoughts and love with others.

With the huge amount of unique experiences we all have, we do acquire some unique background knowledge on any given subject. It renders us holding the bag to offer help when the situation arises. This may simply be in the form of supportive words. We must be ready when we are called, and overcome the fear which is holding us back. Trust and faith in our abilities, must override doubt and fear.

Some of us believe if we fear, then we are not fit to do the job. To the contrary is what I proclaim. If you didn’t have any fears, then you are more like a child who doesn’t understand the severity of a situation. Having fear shows an acknowledgment of a serious situation. Facing your problem despite your fear, takes great courage. You can find bravery within yourself. Exhibiting fear does not make a person inferior. Once we understand the things that make us nervous or fearful, we will be able to move forward with resolution.

“There is always room at the top.”   Daniel Webster

“Don’t show your inferiority by climbing a stunted tree, show your superiority by climbing the longest and crooked one.”     Michael Bassey Johnson

“Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.”    Alan Kay


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