Faith in Your Ability

Faith in Your Ability

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“Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral.”    Khalil Gibran

“Faith is a knowledge within i the heart beyond the reach of proof.”    Khalil Gibran

Suppose we were seated in a large stadium area amongst various people of a variety of ages and walks of life and were given this message, “There is a huge crises and the qualified people need to step forward. We require those with strong character, confidence in their own ability to lead and inspire, and especially persons with a loving heart.” There most likely would be just a handful if any people who would stand up.

I don’t view this as there being a lack of qualified people as much as a lack of us knowing and trusting in the abilities we have. I am convinced we are our own worst critic. We, including myself, judge ourselves harshly and we honestly believe we are not anything to brag about. If they need someone of character ability or kindness hey need to grab that woman or man over there. This made me review my thinking about what merits any of us have.At any given moment in time we may be filled with goodness and a desire to help others yet at other more crushing times we fall and fail under any pressure. So the reason why we believe we are not capable or worthy is because we only remember the times we were defeated, sometimes by our own will. If we stop focusing on the negative we might begin to see the positive aspects of ourselves. Then when we are called out to perform in any way our potentials will stand out stronger in our minds and our so called detriments will be overshadowed.

Having failures in life is actually a good thing. When we fail it forces us to pick ourselves up and begin again as well as contemplate how we will do it. Perhaps we are tossed out of our comfort zone and sent off in a new direction. Reflecting on the numerous choices surrounding us as well as the unavoidable changes, we comprehend the huge portion of teaching moments available to us in any given defeat.

We need forgiveness, understanding, courage, faith, and hope. There is also love of self because if we didn’t think we were worth it we would give it all up and refuse to try. Now that sounds like a hero to me. Anyone who keeps getting back into the fight makes more of an effort than any hero.  Those who have fallen understand what it feels like to fail, how difficult it is to get back up and how slowly changes happen. Failure requires courage of character to attempt another road. It forces us to face adversity with pride. It teaches patience, respect tolerance towards others who suffer a similar fate and love for self and others which inspires us to do better.

Sometimes with failure we are led into an entirely new realm. Maybe we find ourselves so to speak. Other times failure may force us to make changes in our desires, jobs, and within our emotional, physical mental or spiritual realms. Strength undoubtedly rises and propels us into an unknown world. That takes so much courage to withstand the apprehensiveness of the situation and continue in a forward resolve.

If we were watching this as a movie we would be encouraging this hero to go for it and not give up. This is what we do on a daily basis but we don’t recognize it in ourselves. How difficult it is to observe what we are in its entirety. The real heroes are those who choose to keep advancing no matter how difficult it is or how slowly they make any progress. They just don’t give up. Most if not all of us are like that but we spend so much time discovering our failures and attributes we are lacking, we forget about all the qualities and virtues that make us so special.

That is why we cheer for the passerby who catches the child from a window during a blazing fire, or the person who rushes to a burning car to get the people out. These people are you and I. Just because we are never given those types of circumstances to act on, we are still capable and withstand other situations in our lives that call for strength and self-sacrificing.

I see young men and women who work long hours, go home to a crying baby and or cranky children and cook and care for the kids by feeding, washing and reading to their kids on a daily basis. The next morning, headache, or any kind of an ache, does not deter them from going to work and beginning another daily grind. They do this because they love their kids and their life.

But they don’t see themselves as an awesome person. They would probably argue they were not special as they recall the previous day, when they were crabby and didn’t have an abundance of patience. On the other hand today they are attempting again to do better and keep the peace. Everyone knows how difficult it is to overcome moods, stresses, and burdens on a regular basis. It is sometimes the short term goals that are difficult to attain.

Maybe by accepting and appreciating our talents and abilities we will be quicker to act on them and with them. It will foster greater understanding of our potential, instead of sitting back and allowing others to take control and doing what needs to be done. We will be ready willing and able to shine and offer our own assets.

We do have what it takes to save ourselves and others. Our persona is credible as is our intrinsic worth. Never doubt yourself especially when the going gets tough. Your ability and strength is within and available whenever it is needed. You prove yourself worthy every day. Accept that you have what it takes and the facts are evident in your everyday living and giving to others. Now of course it means that when we are seated in a large stadium area amongst various people of a variety of ages and walks of life and are given this message, “There is a huge crises and the qualified people need to step forward,” We must count ourselves among the candidates.

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars.”    Khalil Gibran

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is  to move toward perfection. March on and fear not the thorns, or the sharp  stone’s on life’s path.”    Khalil Gibran

“One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.”    Khalil Gibran


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