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“Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s  inability to see your worth.”  Anonymous

“Stop hating yourself for everything you aren’t and start loving yourself for everything you are.”Anonymous

Okay let’s admit that we cannot escape from imperfections. We all have them, even if we don’t recall our own. All we have to do is ask a longtime friend, or family member who will be more than happy to oblige us. Those flaws we keep hidden, are more obvious to others than we’d like them to be. The sad part is, even when we manage to gain some control, over certain weaknesses, others crop up in their place. We might believe it is a losing battle, although it is not.

I am resolved to accept my shortcomings, and just work on them, when they rear their ugly heads. I just hope others don’t see them. Covering up our weaknesses, is vital to all or most of us. We like to present the best image of ourselves that we can. Those few times when defects arise and embarrass us, we retreat.Needless to say, we share this fact with just about everybody, and the best thing to do is work on faults. That is easier said than done. Sometimes we plan to do the best we can, with whatever issue we have. Even though we acknowledge it to ourselves, there are those times when we don’t keep it under control, and of course the guilt and self-loathing arises.

How tough on us we are. It is hard to find any excuses. I would bet money that we are easier on others, but when it comes to our own shortcomings we don’t believe in mercy. Many times we like to believe our ineptitude’s, are hidden from the general public. It is ridiculous to have faith in the notion, that we can at all times be the perfect walking, thinking, talking person. It is especially problematic when we are bombarded with a world of sights, sounds, people and happenings all around us. The distractions are endless, and they capture our attention. This almost leaves us helpless to control, our mind,-body, spirit and heart.

We should lighten up on our own criticism. Managing to stay healthy, in an unhealthy environment, is not easy. I believe the more we place guilt, the harder it is to move in a better direction. We beat ourselves into the ground so much, that it may be difficult to quickly rise and salvage our self-esteem, never mind conquer our worsening flaws. We must cultivate confidence in our skill to overcome imperfections.

If we want to do better, we must quickly dismiss our repeating mistakes, which we have most likely calculated countless times. Now we need to swiftly replace the anger, frustration, jealousy, envy, anxiety, and rudeness with more positive ideas. By filling our minds with moral thoughts,  the old repeated departure from good is slowly terminated, and our resolve  to do better is right on track. Our biggest obstacle is patience, time and effort. We require all three to be successful.

I would never say never attempt to expose and improve on our inadequacies, but they should never overwhelm us to the point that we want to give up. We have totally defeated ourselves, when we stop trying. The quickest path to ending our attempts, is when we believe it is impossible. To have faith and hope, we must be secure in our capability to change. Even a slight improvement is a win. Small changes are better than none.

So many times we must pick ourselves up. So many disappointments drag on our egos. The truth is we never realize the monster we are confronting, and many times defeat. Once we acknowledge that truth, we may go easier on ourselves, and allow ourselves room for growth.  Maybe a slower, but steadier pace, is the answer. We can’t look back, unless it is to observe how far we have come. Keeping our eye on the ball is imperative.

Other people can trigger the button, by deliberately ignoring, insulting or baiting us. They perhaps are having a bad day themselves, but whatever, their actions ignite our fire in certain areas. Hence we are off and running. Of course I know in a way, I am saying they are slightly to blame. I know we must learn to be stronger, and be able to overlook these people who instigate our surroundings. However, when it happens and you fail, brush off your mistakes, and keep your resolve to do better next time.

Maybe by being prepared, we will be improved, and ready to beat our flaws. It may even require us to remove ourselves from the situation altogether, before we are out of control. By discussing those lesser actions of speaking, or behaving in nasty ways, permits us to open further debates on serious issues. Even if we honestly believe another deserves the retaliation, refrain. You will be thankful later that you did. The stronger we become, the more power we attain in our progress towards staying the course.

Outwardly aggressive people, as well as passive aggressive people, are equally as accountable. Neither exhibits a compassionate attitude. I think of it as the aggressive person killing with the knife, while the passive aggressor kills with a slow acting poison. The results are the same and lethal. Both aggressors are liable.

I am focusing more on never giving in to the idea of giving up, which always looks good on a problematic day. We can muster the strength. If we need time on the couch first, so be it, but begin mustering as soon as you can. The quicker we get ourselves moving, the easier we are able to consider a recovery. Being healthier benefits our whole being. Wallowing is never a good thing, and only yanks us down further. Lambasting ourselves will not make us feel better, or entice us to perform in a more meaningful way. Think positive always.

Forgiving ourselves and striving towards our objective, is a good choice of action. There are other days when we feel superior, and proud of ourselves, for not falling into the usual traps of anger, rage, envy or addiction. We sweep the thoughts from our minds, and are happy to be who we are. Other times we almost feel blind-sided by the occurrences. Whatever the case, don’t let go. We all have those experiences of letting ourselves down. Instead of dwelling on it, forgive yourself and continue with your day’s objectives and goals. This will prove you are actually becoming more successful. The strength to get up and continue laboring is admirable on all counts.

“self-acceptance is the ability to love yourself unconditionally no matter what flaws or traits you have.” Anonymous

“I don’t know a perfect person, I only know flawed people who are still worth loving.” John Green

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”   Confucious

“I feel like it’s always about embracing what it is that you think is wrong with you. It’s often times your greatest ‘flaw’ which actually forays into what is also your greatest strength.”    Olivia Thirlby


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