When Guilt Melts, Belief Emerges

When Guilt Melts, Belief Emerges

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“….A single spark of courage can ignite the fires of hope….” Unknown

“Only through letting go are we free to live and love as our authentic self. We stop going through the motions and start living a loving, happy life…..” Unknown

It is time to look at each day as a new beginning to start again and make things right. If we think that all is lost, ended or fruitless it denies us any options to attempt to make anything better. It is easier to give up or give in than it is to steer in a new direction.

If we have a poor attitude then it is a good idea to work on that. Feeling useless and having no faith in our abilities necessitates a reevaluation of our positive qualities. It is strange but as much as others may see us with big egos, we possibly see ourselves as without any talent at all.It amazes me that most of us are like actors on a stage. We pretend bravado but in reality we cringe at our true self. Maybe TV and social media or whatever makes us look so small that we blow away in the wind. Having confidence in you has nothing to do with being perfect, always correct or being the center of attention. Having self-esteem is awareness that I am who and what I am and with work I can be and do better.

It is a contentment or acceptance of self. I don’t mean in a moped kind of way but a happy cherishing way. The intricacies of self are so numerous we can’t count the ways we are special. All people have made their own strides in their own areas. We walk talk think and feel. We are something and we matter.

Some of us misuse our talents and are prompted by self to find the road and travel easier. The only competition or race we have is with us. So allowing others to point out our flaws or dictate our way is absurd. Spend time reflecting on your good talents and concentrate on making the questionable ones more in tune to how you want them to reflect the real you.

Sometimes I compliment someone on a simple skill such as gardening or illustrating and I find them practically apologizing and slandering themselves as if they were not worth the compliment. At this point I would suggest we study ourselves and only review the good things we notice.

I believe if we can pull the wrapper off of our faces we might observe an awesome character within. I would bet that if I were to describe a person to a friend they would probably mention what a nice person he or she was just from my description. The sad thing is they would never recognize the fact that it was them I was describing.

If we can’t have faith then we can’t try to advance. In order to work on anything we have to believe it is worth our effort and time. We have to develop a self-love and forgiveness in order to improve. Belief gives us the stamina and enthusiasm we need to fuel our passion and increase our wisdom and abilities.

My biggest confusion is why people regard themselves so poorly. What triggered such a self-loathing in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if it is life in general that knocks us down or if parents, teachers and other people in our lives insulted us frequently. The list of blame increases but I know we must try to stop seeing only faults.

So what if we failed, lost our temper, didn’t fulfill our commitments. Nobody said we can’t attempt to try again and do better. I think to attempt something we must have an inner desire that comes from faith and belief. How we get some trust in ourselves may require some effort. I think we should think of at least one good thing about ourselves that we like. If we can’t do it we need to ask another person for the input. Then I think before bedtime we should recall our day and remember one kind deed we did for someone else even if it was a stranger. This can even be a smile. At the end of ten days we have ten good compliments of self and ten kind deeds we completed.

The more we come to see ourselves as good functioning human beings, the worthier we will be considered by our judgmental self. To see good qualities is important and not boastful. All of us must gain a positive sense of self.

If we don’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes then it leaves us blocked and cornered and basically immobile. If we want to learn how to ride a bike we practice. If we want to learn anything it involves work. Taking responsibility for the kind of person we are and want to become is ownership of values. We can accomplish much at our own pace. We know the time and effort we give and we also understand how difficult the task is.

Guilt just demolishes effort and immobilizes progress. We waste our own time and effort by using our energy to worry and fret. It is much better spent working towards the role we wish to play. Sometimes I think the bright sunlight each day is suggesting we have the opportunity to begin the day fresh and blameless. It is only up to us to manifest the outcome of our day.

“You have powers you never dreamed of. You can do things you never thought you could do. There are no limitations in what you can do except the limitations of your own mind…”  Darwin P. Kingsley

“The world may try to make you feel inferior and insignificant and will make out that you always need something else. But you have so much. You are more than enough. You are beautiful. There are so many wonderful things around you. Inside you, there is magic galore. Shine where you are. Open wide your heart. You have everything you need… ”  S.C Lourie


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