Escape to Your Happy Place

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Has anyone discovered how fast our energy depletes when we are around negative thinking people?

At times, we may give freely of our advice and listening ear but sometimes we deplete our own resources. We are not always aware of how easily they take our energy. Likewise, we can deplete our own energy when we spend so much time reflecting on the hurts and insults we received throughout the day. In order to release these harmful thoughts, we must review the positive remarks others have sent our way and drop the negative emotions tied to any words or actions sent our way.I know it always sounds easier than it is to do. Actually by focusing on happier moments of interactions throughout the day we manage to let go of or block out feelings of humiliation or lack of self-worth. It is so difficult for me to let go of these restraining bonds I create with my negative thoughts. They come as a result of the injurious retorts others lash out at me.

I reflected on this and realized how much wasted time I was giving to horrible feelings which mean acts had caused. My focus began to turn to more positive thoughts and I suddenly began to perk up and feel better.

My conclusion was to keep my thoughts on higher subjects, purer ideas and soul boosting happy thoughts. It works so for those who can’t seem to keep out the negative, take my advice and think about happy things, places and people, actions, projects and awe inspiring details. You won’t have room for those negative thoughts and they are put to rest.

One son told me one time that I didn’t always get angry with someone or something because I went to my happy place. I agree and recommend it to everyone.

The next time someone takes more than their share of your good energy, advise as best you can and then walk away, change the subject, or go to your happy place and refresh your own soul.

In the end, you will increase your energy. All of us at times need a boost in our resources but we should never take all of it from another. Let insults roll off of your back and they won’t get stuck to you. Let negative thoughts of another dwindle and you will be flowing with enthusiasm. Look for the good in people and dismiss what you don’t like in them. We are all such a mixture and more jumbled on any given day.

Our moods are ours to control. As my son says “Mom just goes to her happy place.” I reply, “You’re welcome to come.”


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