Finding Meaning In Life

Finding Meaning In Life

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“Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” Albert Camus

I am amazed when I hear various people state how impressed they are with others who are noteworthy in the world and put upon thrones because of their contributions. I must say I admire these people also but I really and truly admire the people who don’t even notice their own contributions in a very big way. They make statements like “I sometimes don’t see my purpose in life.” Or they state “I should  do more, but I wasn’t educated like they were.” I laugh because honestly what is an education? Isn’t it whatever we deem it is? Doesn’t someone make up the rules of the game which defines what it means to be smart or knowledgeable?

I think depending on who calls the rules at any given time and place, the game would be totally different and the winners would be  different. My point is we cannot assume our contributions are useless or of  less value. We can’t forget that many rising stars who engage in charitable endeavors, have help from a tremendous amount of other people. It wasn’t them personally who made it all happen. I admit their contributions are awesome but no better than another’s. Placing things in perspective allows us to notice those maybe at the bottom who work their hardest to make things happen. It may be far easier to get on TV and announce a worthy cause than it is to be the one on the front lines doing the menial job that makes it all happen.

We can’t possibly be educated in every topic or field. At what point do we agree that although education is wonderful and should be lifelong, it simply doesn’t define us.  Those who live in remote places and are attuned to so much of nature have been educated in that area.  They may be the ones concerned with alternative medicines which work better than perhaps a modern medicine. They can hunt by the sounds or tracks of animals. That does not make news.The ability of people to survive under horrible conditions takes effort, knowledge of their opponent and or opportunities.

To be jealous of others we deem better educated is ridiculous. We ignore our own abilities. It is okay to acknowledge another’s efforts but never underestimate your own. If you do then many of the inspiring things you could offer won’t be offered because you think your ideas are not worthy. If we placed more meaning on surviving in the city, we would have a different team of winners. Likewise if we place more meaning on those capable of surviving in the wild our winners would again have different faces. Once we can see that our efforts and learning is always helpful and desired by someone we can accept our own responsibility to contribute to the bettering of the world. Aha that places more pressure on us to make a difference. yes it does and we are up to the challenge. It is an excuse to think otherwise.

Knowledge can never be underestimated but it is continuing and covers many areas like empathy, kindness, perceiving others needs. Our ability to empathize with the old who others may deem upsetting or the young who are demanding or the impatient or the quarrelsome who we have the ability to diffuse. Not everyone can do that. It behooves us to use our talents and teach others. Being helpful and charitable comes with understanding (learning) what people need and want. I remember my gramma who always helped with the crying baby and never left your house until the dishes were done. I know many educated people who ignored my burdens. Not so my gram. She made my day. It allowed me to have the strength to do other things others may have thought were more important. Without her help those things would not have been done. i think her rewards in the afterlife are far greater because she never got any rewards in this life except my thanks. She didn’t look for attention but I bet she earned plenty.

Stop being ashamed of who you are and what you can or cannot do. It is only important that you use whatever talents you have for the good. If that is always being the listening ear you are doing as awesome a job than possibly many counselors. We were all granted worth. Use it proudly because it does make a difference, you just never know the extent of your inspiration.

“To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are.” Unknown


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